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EX-C10 Air desktop crimp press

And driven by duplex roller crimping machine running,the advantage of high efficiency and high quality spin and speed sahiptir.ex-C10 is a very appropriate terminal, standard jaws manually according to the type of terminal facilities for proper crimping jaws as an option in cases where you need to adapt the jaw, which can be achieved değiştirilebilir.standart.
Accessories : Die set,pneumatic foot pedal,two air hose

Product Description


Sizes (WxDxH) 260x120x140mm
Ağırlık5 kg
Implementation Measures (Crimping range) Insulated terminal 6mm2, Shoes 16mm2≤,Yüksük 35mm2≤
Output gücü13,5
knhav to Basıncı0,4 - 1 Mpa