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EX-C6-4 crimping machine

And driven by duplex roller crimping machine running,Suitable for crimping to the advantage of high efficiency and quality spin and speed of our machines sahiptir.ex-C6-4 insulated or insulated cable ferrules.
Thanks square clamping jaws designed to change without squeezing until edilir.ç achieve the ideal form tightening form 0,08 mm2 the 6 mm2 square up to precisely set via machine.
Accessories : Pneumatic foot pedal,two air hose

Product Description


Sizes (WxDxH)260x120x140mm
Weight 5 kg
Implementation Measures (Crimping range) 0,08 mm2 – 6 mm2
Output 13,5 KN
Air Pressure 0,4 – 1 Mpa